Otherwise, I really enjoy drawing and make some tiny little dots. I am currently working on a EP cover. You can check my portfolio here! 🎨
Hi and bienvenidos. Phenix Amer, Metz-city based, singer/musician/loves to draw.
I’m a singer, sometimes a rapper, depending on the mood. My influences come from hip hop, neo-soul, jazz... but my first loves came with classic rock oldies, while I was learning guitar. I’ve been teaching this instrument for some years. My mum is from Colombia and I grew up with Cumbia, salsa and vallenato. Also I feel really close to Brazilian culture: Latin music is a huge influence for me! On stage, I use to play with a looper adding voices guitar and now a bit of keys too. I also play with my band. Together we make some groovy shit. Hit me up for booking.